This is a little different than my most recent posts… this is a poem that i am reblogging. I am reblogging it from Frank Viola’s site. I believe he’s got it right….

Isn't it strange That princes and kings, And clowns that caper In sawdust rings, And common people Like you and me Are builders for eternity? Each is given a bag of tools A shapeless mass, A book of rules; And each must make… Ere life has flown… A stumbling block Or a steppingstone ~ R.L. Sharpe Related: My Favorite Poem The Man in the Arena Check out the new Must-Have-In-Your-Library Book List. Also, subscribe to the free CHRIST IS ALL podca … Read More

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update on donations

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am ready to begin this youth center. I am willing and ready to be available for teenagers to come to “The Den” on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Another thing that needs to be donated in order for this to happen is that a building needs to be donated. And, then I’m sure that all of the other things will start coming.

I already have quite a few items, but this one is pretty important. If you or someone you know may be of assistance, let me know.



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Things are falling into place.  At this point The Den is looking for donations.  There are several things that would be beneficial to have.  I’ll make a list (it is not all inclusive).  I will start with some of the more expensive items and end with the more inexpensive items.  Some things we have already had donated.

Pool table(s)

Ping pong table(s)

Air hockey table(s)



exercise equipment (stair stepper, eliptical, treadmill, etc)

table(s) and chairs


kitchen items (pots/pans/dishes/cups/silverware)

gaming systems/games (wii, ps3,xbox360 or any old system)

board games

art supplies


sports equipment (dodge balls, tennis balls, basketballs, racquetballs, jump ropes, etc.) indoor equipment

And, well… anything else you may think a youth center could make good use of would be appreciated.  And, if you’ve got time on your hands and you would like to donate your time to help get things ready for the youth let me know!

where are you going?

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Do you know where your feet are taking you?  Do you know what your dreams are?  Do you know if there is more to life?  Do you know that you can make a difference?  Do you know that people need you?  Do you know that your life is important?  Do you know that you have a story to share?  Do you know?

it’s official!

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

wahoo!!!  the den is now officially a nonprofit organization with the state of indiana!

What’s going on?

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Things are moving forward. Tomorrow a building will be checked out, and people will be talked to to see if it is a good place for me. And, Friday Melissa will be going to The Post which is a youth center in Goshen that is my model. You can check out the post at to see what it is like. And, I will keep you posted on any further progress. Again, Melissa is still looking for board members so if you know anyone let her (or me) know.

The Beginning

Posted: August 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hey everyone!  This is the Den Youth Center.  I am a Youth Center in Bremen, Indiana.  Well, it’s not official yet.  My executive director is working on getting me open.  She is working hard.  She has a business plan that is being edited, and 2 people that have commited to be on my board of directors.  I am pretty excited to get going.  I have been a vision from God for the last year, and hopefully by next August I will be up and running. 

My purpose is to create a safe environment for teenagers to hang out, be real, learn, and be loved.  I will have game tables such as pool and ping pong tables.  I will have wifi.  I will have plenty of space for teenagers to just relax.  I will be located in downtown Bremen.  My executive director is working on the perfect location.  If you or someone you know may be interested in being on the board of directors or can pray for me that would be awesome.  You can just leave a comment here and the executive director will get in touch with you.

I am excited to be a place where teens can enjoy their life!